"I feel incredibly blessed to have Mary in my life. I am so thankful for the many things I've learned through her & how it has improved the quality of my life. As I put the tools & skills, that she has given me, into practice, my attitude & though life have improved, consequently improving my relationships, my work & my life in general. "     Lisa

"Since my wife began meeting with Mary for life coaching, she is able to handle difficult relationships & situations better. she is developing confidence in herself, and she has a much more positive grateful attitude."     Keith

"As I have worked with Mary my perspective began to change for the better. I have become more empowered in my ability to respond instead of react in my relationships and in difficult life situations. The life tools she has provided me with continue to strengthen  and encourage me daily."    Kathy

 “Sometime ago I found myself challenged to the core by some personal circumstances. At times, I didn’t know what to do; I felt overwhelmed and powerless. Mary encouraged and supported me while helping me identify steps that I can take to create change in me and in the circumstances of my life.”    Nathan

"I have thought countless times how I would be completely lost if I had not made the decision to meet with a life coach. I could not repay Mary for all she has done, to show me how to live an EMPOWERED LIFE!"       Gloria